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Road Safety Research Program

Research to address our road safety crisis

Every month, about 100 Australians die on our roads. Every day, about 100 people are hospitalised for road crash-related injuries.

The Australian Automobile Association, representing Australia’s motoring clubs, has established the AAA Road Safety Research Program (RSRP) to help make our roads safer and reduce fatalities and injuries.

The RSRP will collaboratively engage with a wide range of stakeholders who are interested in improving road safety and are working to address some of Australia’s most critical road safety issues.

The program will support research and practical activities that deliver real benefits for road users and the community. The program will fund road safety projects in identified priority research areas that have a strong potential to prevent road fatalities and injuries on Australian roads.

The objectives of the AAA RSRP are to:

  • foster a collaborative approach to identifying and tackling road safety challenges across a wide range of sectors and disciplines
  • identify and prioritise the most pressing problems contributing to poor road safety outcomes in Australia (and more broadly)
  • design, select and fund important road safety research projects that will ultimately deliver practical safety benefits for road users and the community
  • deliver research that is in alignment with the latest road safety research strategies and initiatives
  • help build Australia’s road safety research capacity and capability, and
  • help raise awareness and create a shared understanding of road safety challenges, research priorities and activities that are occurring in Australia and internationally.

Each research cycle begins with a process to identify a specific road safety theme by

  • requesting interested stakeholders to identify key road safety challenges that should be a priority and research concepts that will help tackle these challenges
  • hosting a face-to-face forum involving road safety stakeholders, as well as experts and groups with an interest in the program’s identified research cycle theme, to further develop research concepts
  • the AAA Board selecting a shortlist of research priorities that will proceed to the second stage, which will involve scoping and costing project/s that will deliver on agreed priorities.

To register your interest in the Program or share a potential idea for research, use this form.