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Drive In The Moment toolkit

Project Overview

In Australia, young drivers are overrepresented in road crashes and fatalities. A major risk factor for young drivers is distraction, including mobile phone use while driving.

In 2019 and with funding from the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile’s (FIA’s) Road Safety Transformation Grant Program, the AAA developed the Drive In The Moment platform; an evidence-based online toolkit designed to help young drivers reduce their use of smartphones while driving.

Drive In The Moment applies the science of breaking addictions to the problem. It takes young drivers on a journey to help them understand and identify the risks associated with mobile phone use while driving and then helps them make a bespoke plan to reduce their mobile phone use.


We know that it works. The University of Canberra researchers who evaluated the effectiveness of the Drive In The Moment platform found that young drivers using the website were able to reduce their mobile phone use while driving by 30%.

The AAA is grateful to Dr Mark Elliott at the University of Strathclyde for working with us to adapt his research enabling it to form the basis for the Plan Builder element of the platform.


In 2020 the Drive in the Moment initiative received the FIA Road Safety Award for the “Most Effective Road Safety Intervention”.

International Expansion

The toolkit was localised for motoring clubs and road safety institutions in:

The toolkit will soon be developed for other countries including:

  • the Philippines (AAP)
  • the Czech Republic (UAMK)
  • Spain (RACC)
  • Macedonia (AMSM)
  • France

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