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Who we are

The AAA is the peak organisation for Australia’s motoring clubs and their 8.5 million members.  The association’s constituent clubs are the NRMA, RACV, RACQ, RAA, RAC, RACT and the AANT. The AAA regularly commissions research and develops in-depth analysis of issues affecting transport systems including affordability, road safety and vehicle emissions. The AAA has developed a library of resources which it uses to inform its advocacy positions and frequently articulates its views to parliamentary inquiries, the media and members of Parliament. 

The association takes an active role in assisting international travellers with their motoring needs by issuing customs documents for the temporary admission of vehicles to Australia. The AAA also issues International Driving Permits, allowing Australian motorists to drive in countries that are signatories to the United Nations 1949 Convention on Road Traffic. The state-based motoring clubs issue the permits as sales agents of the AAA to ensure permits are widely accessible around Australia.

The AAA is a member of the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and it also supports its constituent clubs’ participation in the Global Mobility Alliance (GMA).