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Peak motoring body welcomes federal government’s fuel security focus


The AAA welcomes the federal government’s focus on fuel security but says the 1.15 cent per litre cost must not be passed on unfairly to motorists.

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  • Peak motoring body welcomes federal government focus on fuel security.
  • 1.15 cent per litre cost must not be passed on unfairly to motorists.
  • AAA to work with government to ensure transparency of new fuel production payment.
  • Fuel security is everyone’s business and everyone should share the cost.

Australia’s peak motoring body, the Australian Automobile Association, has welcomed the federal government’s focus on national fuel security and says it will work with the government to ensure motorists are not unfairly burdened by the new 1.15 cent per litre cost.

The AAA’s Managing Director Michael Bradley said: “Fuel security is critical to Australia’s national security and economy. This issue is important to more than just motorists, who should not be unfairly burdened with this national cost.”

Mr Bradley said improving fuel security was always going to come at an additional cost, however the federal government needed to be mindful that motorists already paid 42.3 cents per litre in fuel excise, which was expected to raise $55 billion for the federal government over the next four years.

“The AAA will work with the federal government to ensure any costs to be imposed are not passed unfairly or disproportionately to motorists,” he said.

Mr Bradley said Australia urgently needed a comprehensive fuel strategy capable of ensuring improved fuel security through a combination of fuel refining, fuel storage, and fuel diversification.

“The AAA looks forward to discussing the details of the government’s package, how it is to be paid for, and the degree to which any costs borne by motorists are proportionate to the benefits accrued by motorists and other interested parties,” he said.

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