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Taking my vehicle overseas


The document used to identify your vehicle is called a Carnet de Passages en Douane (CPD).

The Carnet (pronounced car-nay) is valid for 12 months and lets visitors temporarily import their private vehicles for touring purposes only, without paying customs duties and other taxes when entering or exiting a country. A Carnet can also be extended up to 12 months if approved  by the host country at that time.

It lets visitors temporarily import their private vehicles for a limited period with a minimum of formalities and with needing to make a cash deposit at the frontier in local currency, equivalent to the Customs Duty and other taxes.

A CPD carnet is not required for motor vehicles, camper vans and motor cycles entering the United States of America for touring purposes. A CPD carnet is not required in Europe for private or commercial vehicles. In Turkey, a CPD carnet is accepted, but a local document may be purchased at the border in the place of a carnet.  People temporarily importing vehicles into these parts of the world are required to sign a personal undertaking that they will re-export the vehicle within the prescribed time limit.

The Australian Automobile Association (AAA) is a member of the AIT/FIA Carnet network which guarantees to Customs authorities around the world payment of Customs Duties on motor vehicles, temporarily imported for touring purposes.

The vehicle must carry current Australian registration while overseas and have an AUS plate fitted near the rear number plate. The AUS plate comes with the Carnet pack.

Download the CPD Carnet application form using the button below.




1. This list may be subject to change due to adjustments in border procedures or customs formalities.

2. Certain countries may accept the CPD even though they fall outside the AIT/FIA customs documents network.

3. Europe: CPD is not required for private or commercial vehicles


South Africa


New Zealand


Sri Lanka
United Arab Emirates
*Yemen (Special arrangement with each issuing club)


Trinidad & Tobago

*There is no AIT/FIA guarantor association in these countries


  • The CPD carnet holder contacts AAA or the motoring club in country that they are requesting from and requests extension 1-2 months before expiry of carnet
  • The CPD carnet holder then provides AAA details on:
    • the Carnet No, Copy of the Carnet and CPD carnet holder details
    • where the carnet holder is currently situated
    • the valid reason for the extension
  • The AAA will seek additional security from the CPD carnet holder.
  • Then AAA contacts the Overseas Club where the CPD carnet holder is situated and provides a ‘No Objection’ letter to the extension.
  • The overseas motoring club will seek extension approval from the local Customs authority. If accepted, the Overseas Club provides a ‘No Objection’ letter to AAA.The CPD carnet holder must go to the overseas club and get the extension processed by getting the CPD Carnet stamped with an extension stamp on the inside front cover where it states, ‘Extension of Validity’. The Overseas Club will then endorse it with the club stamp.
  • The CPD carnet holder then needs to take the carnet to the Local Customs Authority and have the final endorsement.
  • The CPD carnet holder should send a copy of the extension endorsed by the Local Customs Authority back to AAA.

To apply for an Australian Carnet extension, please click below:


To apply for an overseas Carnet extension, please click below:

Frequently Asked Questions

lookingfor Q What is a CPD carnet?

CPD carnet is short for Carnet de Passages en Douane. It is a document used to identify your private vehicle and allows visitors to a country to temporarily import their vehicles for a limited period.
In Australia, these documents are issued only by the Australian Automobile Association (AAA) on behalf of the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

lookingfor Q How long is a CPD carnet valid for?

A CPD is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. This approved period may be extended on application.

lookingfor Q Does my vehicle need to be registered while travelling overseas?

Yes. It must be registered in the state or territory of Australia in which you reside, or in which you would normally register your vehicle.

lookingfor Q Who can get a CPD carnet?

Anyone over the age of 18 travelling with a vehicle that carries a current Australian registration (for the duration of the trip) is eligible to apply for a CPD carnet.

lookingfor Q How much does a CPD carnet cost and what do you get?

The total application fee for a CPD carnet is $1420.00AUD. This incorporates the following components;
  • Application fee of $920.00 (non-refundable)
  • Bond of $500.00 (refundable)
  • The application fee includes postage of your CPD Carnet within Australia. If postage is required overseas, surcharges apply. The application fee also includes an AUS sticker or plate for your vehicle while travelling overseas.
    The bond is refunded when a fully discharged original CPD Carnet is returned to AAA.
    Indemnity insurance is provided through Miller Insurance. This enables the CPD Carnet holder to take the vehicle out of Australia without having to provide a deposit of importation, duties and taxes in each country they visit.

    lookingfor Q Does the indemnity insurance cover my vehicle while travelling overseas?

    The indemnity insurance cover is only for the temporary import into a country/countries. This insurance is not motor vehicle insurance. Seek advice from your current insurance provider regarding motor vehicle insurance. Some overseas motoring clubs offer some short-term insurance for visitors.

    lookingfor Q How longs does it take to obtain a CPD carnet?

    The usual processing time is 10 business days. If you require a carnet in a shorter period, the AAA will do it’s best to meet your timeline however additional fees will apply.

    lookingfor Q What do I need to obtain a CPD carnet?

  • A completed and signed application for CPD. Download the application here.
  • A photocopy of the vehicle’s registration certificate. This document must include the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), engine number, make, model and weight of vehicle
  • A current evaluation of the vehicle on letterhead from a reputable dealer (must include a valuation estimate and a statement from the dealer that the vehicle is considered roadworthy)
  • A colour photocopy of your current driver’s licence
  • A colour photocopy of your valid passport
  • A photocopy of your current state/territory motoring club membership
  • A brief itinerary of the proposed journey
  • Details of two (2) next of kin contacts in Australia who are not travelling with you
  • A list of spare parts/tools you intend to travel with and their value.

  • To apply, complete the application and scan all documents detailed above. Attach all documents to an email and send it to [email protected]
    Importation of vehicles into Indonesia

    From the 1st September 2016, CPD Carnet holders are required to inform Ikatan Motor Indonesia (IMI) of their temporary importation into Indonesia.  The CPD holder/s are required to advise them the following to IMI via email: [email protected] . If this information is NOT received, The Indonesian Customs Office will not accept any vehicle with a CPD carnet into Indonesia.

    Please provide the following; Name, Country, CPD number, Port of Entry to Indonesia, Itinerary Plan in Indonesia, Port of exit from Indonesia.

    Discharging the CPD Carnet

    When you are returning your vehicle back to Australia, ensure that your CPD carnet shows a discharge customs stamp from the last overseas port of call. Its imperative you always have the CPD carnet completed when you enter a country and leave a country. This allows AAA to discharge the CPD carnet and return the refundable bond to you. The carnet holder must ensure that the Certificate of Location at the back of the CPD carnet is completed by Australian Customs. Once completed please return the CPD carnet back to AAA GPO Box 1555, Canberra ACT 2601.


    AAA recommends that individuals wishing to export their vehicle from Australia should be a financial Member of a constituent motoring organisation of the AAA. Being a Member of a motoring club provides you with reciprocal services whilst overseas.