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Australian Automobile Association

The Australian Automobile Association (AAA) is the peak organisation representing Australia’s motoring clubs and their eight million members.  The AAA advances the interests of all road users to ensure transport systems are safe, affordable and transparent.


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AAA research shows that road safety is a top concern for Australian motorists. More than 100 Australians are killed in car crashes every month and equal numbers are seriously injured daily. The social cost of road deaths is immeasurable, however, the economic impact of Australia’s road safety crisis is not. There is an urgent need to reduce vehicle crashes and the AAA and its member clubs have a number of strategies and proposals to make our roads safer.

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Transport is a major cost for Australian households. Unlike energy or gas bills, there are many costs associated with transport meaning the true impact on a family budget is not always well understood. The AAA is focused on ensuring Australians get the best possible deal on transport, that they get value for money and have fair access to a range of transport options, including public transport.

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Australians deserve a fair go when it comes to transport. We believe motorists should have real information about how much fuel their car will use on the road and its emissions. We are campaigning to ensure Australians have access to car data and continue to have the choice of independent repairer for their vehicle. We are also calling on the government to invest more of our road taxes into infrastructure to improve safety and reduce congestion.

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