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It's your money, your transport.

Every time you fill up, you pay 42.7 cents a litre in fuel tax which helps to pay for our roads.

When it comes to paying for our roads, motorists have always brought their own money to the table. Until recently, less than half of the fuel excise tax you pay had been returned to land transport.

Finally, the federal government will soon be reinvesting the equivalent of all fuel excise it collects, back into land transport projects. Last year’s federal Budget forecasted that the equivalent of 82 per cent of exercise will be reinvested in transport, rising to 100 per cent in two years. – Let’s keep it that way.

What is fuel excise?

Fuel excise is a flat sales tax levied by the Australian Government on petrol and diesel purchased at the bowser. The recent federal Budget shows Australian motorists will pay over $11 billion in net fuel excise this financial year, and $49.3 billion over the next four years. For the typical household, this year’s fuel excise bill will be $1,188.

Over the next four years the majority of fuel excise has been allocated towards land transport projects. The AAA is calling on the federal government to ensure all of the money collected from motorists in future through the fuel excise will be reinvested into land transport projects.

  • Fuel excise cost = 42.7 cents/litre
  • Fuel excise collected = $49.3 billion (over 4 years)
  • Land transport spending = $46.3 billion (over 4 years)

Find out how fuel excise helps to pay for our roads

How much are you paying?

Do you know how much tax your commute costs you? We have built a handy Fuel Excise Calculator to help you find out.

We’ve made it easy to use, so whether you know a lot or a little about your car, you can get some quick estimates for how much fuel excise you pay in a week or in a year.

There is even a trip calculator that will reveal how much you pay for your daily trip to work or school, or produce a customised report based on your personal routes.

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