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Australia’s transport network is failing

This election Australians demanded a fairer deal and a long-term plan.

The Australian Automobile Association has completed Australia’s largest-ever survey on voters’ transport concerns and priorities.

The survey shows Australians are concerned about a range of transport issues, including:
– road safety
– traffic congestion
– transport affordability
– infrastructure planning and its long-term economic impact.

In each case, the results add up to more than 100% because people could select multiple issues.

For example, 92% of people in the electorate of Grey are concerned about road safety, but congestion (35%) and planning (33%) are also important. In the electorate of Blaxland, 88% of people are frustrated by traffic congestion. But they also want to see better government planning (63%).

Search below to see what issues are important to Australians in your electorate and across the country.

When considering transport funding, politicians must recognise that motorists bring plenty of money to the table. Over the next four years, motorists will pay about $60 billion in federal transport-specific taxes, including 41.6 cents in for every litre of fuel they buy.

It’s only fair that at least half of this money is allocated to maintaining, improving and managing our land transport system. Australians deserve safer and more efficient roads.

* Federal Government Budget Paper Number 1, 2018-19, Statement 5/6


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Policy priorities

The AAA is calling on both sides of Government to commit to the following:

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