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Safer Transport

Ensuring Australians have access to safe transport systems is central to the work of the AAA and our member clubs.

Cost of road trauma summary reportAlmost 1,300 Australians were killed on Australia’s roads in 2016 and around 40,000 more were seriously injured. A new report commissioned by AAA shows that while the social and emotional costs of road trauma in Australia are immeasurable, the annual economic cost is almost $30 billion and.

Australia’s National Road Safety Strategy 2011–2020 – to which all Australian Governments are signatories - aims to reduce the annual numbers of both deaths and serious injuries on Australian roads by at least 30 per cent.

But AAA analysis shows neither of these targets will be achieved.

The AAA undertakes analysis and policy development, and provides advice to the Australian Government to ensure all Australians can access safer transport systems.

The AAA has developed a National Road Safety Platform, outlining key steps the federal government should take in coordinating a national response to road safety. In the platform, the AAA advocates for:

  • AAA road safety platformA re-established Federal Office of Road Safety to coordinate the national policy response to the ongoing deaths and injuries caused by road crashes.
  • Improved data collection – To help identify gaps in road safety and measure success.  
  • Promoting best practice research – All states and territories should be equipped with the tools to address emerging and critical issues in road safety.
  • Funding of land transport infrastructure – Proven risk assessment methods such as AusRAP should be used to prioritise projects which will have a positive road safety outcome.
  • Safer vehicles - Ongoing Government funding should be provided for ANCAP to continue conducting independent crash tests and vehicle safety assessments. Resourcing should also be provided to engage in proactive assessment of international developments which may affect the Australian Design Rules.

AusRAP - Risk Mapping

The Australian Road Assessment Program (AusRAP) is an analysis of the major highways and motorways in Australia, as defined in the National Land Transport Network Determination 2014. AusRAP is a program run by the Australian Automobile Association (AAA) and the state and territory motoring clubs. 

The objectives of the Australian Road Assessment Program (AusRAP) are to:

  • reduce deaths and injuries on Australia’s roads by systematically assessing risk and identifying safety shortcomings that can be addressed with practical measures; and
  • put risk assessment at the heart of strategic decisions on road improvements, crash protection and standards of road management.

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