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A Fairer Transport System

Transport is a major, and in most cases unavoidable, cost for Australian households. The most recent ABS household expenditure survey1 ranks transport as the third largest household expense.

The AAA is focused on ensuring Australians get the best possible deal on transport, that they get value for money and have fair access to a range of transport options, including public transport.

As vehicles get smarter, the need to protect the environment grows, government budgets tighten and the cost of fuel rises, consumers are at greater risk of being seen as an easy source of revenue by governments and corporations.

The AAA advocates on behalf of Consumers on issues such as:

  • Vehicle data – modern motor vehicles collect, store and can transmit data about the use of the vehicle, and in some cases its occupants. This can extend to gathering data from mobile phones and providing that information to the vehicle manufacturer. The vehicle owner may have no ability to access that data or to control what it is used for. This can lead to issues such as an inability to provide full vehicle data to the repairer of your choice and information about you being shared with third parties without your knowledge. The AAA is working to get manufacturers to reveal their data management policies to consumers. We will also advocate for the government to properly legislate on this issue to ensure consumers are not financially disadvantaged and that their privacy is protected.
  • Least-cost vehicle emission abatement – The AAA welcomes the Australian Government’s 2030 greenhouse gas emissions reduction target of 26–28 per cent on 2005 levels by 2030. Modelling undertaken by the Centre for International Economics on behalf of the AAA has estimated this will mean a 20 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions from private vehicles by 2030. The AAA is working with the Australian Government to ensure motorists are not unfairly burdened with costs associated with meeting the national greenhouse targets.
  • Improved car market competition - Australia’s average vehicle age is more than 10 years old. This means too many Australian's are relying on vehicles that lack the safety and efficiency features available on newer vehicles. To help make newer vehicles more affordable to more Australians the AAA advocates for the Government to abolish the five per cent tariff on imported vehicles and the Luxury Car Tax (LCT) with savings to consumers of more than $5 billion over the forward estimates. The AAA also advocates for the Government to continue with work already commenced to amend the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 (MVSA) to allow Australians to directly import new cars from countries with similar vehicle design, pollution and safety standards as Australia.
  • Greater fuel market transparency – ensuring consumers have access to timely and accurate information about fuel pricing.

1 6530.0 - Household Expenditure Survey, Australia: Summary of Results, 2009-10