US Brings in New Fuel Efficiency Standards


Australia’s peak motoring organisation, the Australian Automobile Association, has welcomed today’s announcement by US President Barack Obama of a toughening of fuel efficiency and emission standards for American vehicles.

AAA, which represents Australia’s motoring clubs and some 6.5 million motoring members, said the Obama Administration’s proposed introduction of mandatory emission standards would have an impact world-wide.

AAA’s Technical Director, Craig Newland, said today calls for the introduction of similar fuel and emission standards in Australia would be considered at a meeting of the Australian Transport Council in Melbourne this Friday.

“The meeting of the ATC has this issue on its agenda, and we encourage Australia’s transport ministers to be bold in their decision-making.  We will wait and see what the ministers come up with on Friday,” Mr Newland said.

“We support any initiatives that make cars more fuel efficient and emitting less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and it should be noted there are already a number of cars in Australia that meet the lower emission standards that President Obama is proclaiming.

“The US is mandating to have emissions cut by 30 per cent by 2016, to 6.63 litres of fuel per 100km travelled – this is above the current European standards.  The introduction of mandatory standards as proposed by the US is only one of the possible strategies to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

“Australian consumers have access to information on the fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions of new vehicles.  AAA encourages consumers to consider fuel efficiency when purchasing a new vehicle.

“We support the US move, as the American car fleet represents about half of all car-caused vehicle emissions in the world – even though the American fleet is about one-third of all vehicles.

“This is a good move for the world environment and we now await the outcome of the ATC meeting this week.”


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