Unlocking keys2drive in Tasmania


keys2drive, a new national learner driver program which aims to make newly licensed drivers much safer, has commenced in Tasmania.

Learner drivers and their supervising drivers are invited to take part in the pilot program, currently underway in Tasmania, by registering now and booking a free professional lesson on

keys2drive has been developed by the Australian Automobile Association (AAA), the RACT and other motoring clubs around Australia, with Australian Government funding and the support of the driver training industry.

To help reduce the high crash risk of young drivers, keys2drive fosters the relationship between the learner driver and their supervisor under the guidance of a professional instructor, through a free lesson paid for by the Australian Government.  This is supported by access to a website incorporating information, education and interactive learning games.

The Tasmanian pilot will finish towards the end of July 2009 and be assessed before keys2drive is rolled out nationally for learners and their supervisors.

RACT Group Chief Executive, Greg Goodman, said the RACT, like the other motoring clubs across Australia, has a strong commitment to driver safety, especially in helping young drivers to build up their log-book hours with a supervising driver.

“The RACT believes that more effective on-road practice and experience is extremely important in reducing the risk associated with P Plate solo driving.”

“The risk of crashing increases 20 to 30 times when a young driver first gains their provisional licence. The keys2drive program target is zero harm in the first six months of “Ps” and safer driving for life.”

 “keys2drive has been designed to encourage learner drivers to take control and responsibility for driving safely and provides information on how to achieve this through an innovative website,” Mr Goodman said.

The Vice President of the Australian Driver Trainers Association (TAS), Robin Eccles, said driver trainers strongly support the keys2drive program as it promotes a structured learning plan to be a safer P Plate driver, rather than just focusing on gaining a provisional licence.

“ADTA driving instructors throughout Tasmania have been accredited as instructors under keys2drive and are committed to delivering the keys2drive program,” said Mr Eccles

Learners and supervisors are encouraged to register now on the keys2drive website and book their free keys2drive lesson at


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