Think Before You Drive


Australia’s motoring clubs have joined forces with Australian Formula One Grand Prix driver, Mark Webber, at the Australian launch of the global road safety program, Think Before You Drive.


Webber launched Think Before You Drive today inMelbourne, saying the program is now operating in 30 different countries worldwide with a common aim of improving road safety and bringing down the tragic global death rate.


 “More than one million people are killed every year on roads around the world – inAustraliasome five people die every day and more than 60 are severely injured as a result of road trauma,” Webber said.


“Yet we as a public seem to dismiss these figures without even thinking about the human and social tragedy that it is.  It is important to stress that every driver, even Formula One drivers, can make mistakes – every driver should be aware of their limitations and not take risks.


“The messages of Think Before You Drive are simple but essential – wear seat belts, check tyre condition and use head restraints effectively.  If I and other drivers can help support this project, that is a good thing.”


Think Before You Drive is sponsored by motoring clubs worldwide, including the Australian Automobile Association and its constituent motoring clubs – the RACV, NRMA, RACQ, RAA, RAC, RACT and AANT – along with the FIA Foundation (which manages the TBYD program worldwide) and Bridgestone, who have provided 250,000 TBYD booklets and tyre gauges to assist in promotions.


Executive Director of the AAA,Lauchlan McIntosh, said the Think Before You Drive program was an important part of the motoring clubs’ road safety project of safer drivers in safer cars on safer roads.


“Research shows that up to a third of those fatally injured in road crashes inAustraliawere not wearing a seat belt. The Think Before You Drive program shows how even crash test dummies survive with seat belts” Mr McIntosh said.


“Things like putting the seat belt on - you can be the best driver in the world, driving the safest car on the safest road, but if you and your passengers aren’t wearing their seat belt you are playing Russian Roulette every time you get in the car.”


Think Before You Drive will be an ongoing project of the AAA,Australia’s motoring organisations and CAMS, with the support of Bridgestone and the FIA Foundation.

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