Support for Action On Fuel Price Boards


The Australian Automobile Association (AAA) has given strong support to moves by the Federal Government to implement national standards for fuel price boards.


"We have seen many instances where existing fuel price board displays at petrol stations are misleading to motorists," AAA Executive Director Andrew McKellar said.


"Often it is a heavily discounted price that is prominently displayed, subject to special terms and conditions.  Many signs do not give equal weight to the undiscounted price, or the prices of some fuel types are not displayed," he said.


Mr McKellar said "Motorists are frustrated when they discover that the discounted price is not generally available, or the price for the fuel type they need for their car is higher than the advertised price".


"We support the proposal by the Federal Government to develop clear and nationally consistent standards for this type of fuel price advertising", he said.


"This is a constructive move and we urge state and territory governments to support the approach being put forward by the Assistant Treasurer and the ACCC". 


"The reality is that the fuel market is not competitive.  Major fuel suppliers and retailers are able to influence the fuel price cycle in Australian cities and regional areas. 


"We need to look at a range of measures that provide better information and transparency to consumers.  This is a very useful first step", said Mr McKellar. 

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