Schumacher Supports Make Cars Green


Australia’s peak motoring body, the Australian Automobile Association, joined forces today with multiple Formula One Grand Prix champion, Michael Schumacher and Formula One’s official tyre supplier, Bridgestone, in supporting the global Make Cars Green environment program on behalf of the world motoring body, FIA.

Schumacher, who has returned to the Grand Prix circuit this year after retiring, called on Australian motorists to think about the things they can do to lower vehicle emissions and help save the environment.

The Formula 1 champion released 10 actions that motorists can take to have their car run more cleanly and lower vehicle emissions.

AAA’s Technical Services Director, Craig Newland, said the FIA program was being rolled out around the world with the help of high-profile “ambassadors” such as the Formula 1 drivers.

“We welcome the involvement of a true champion such as Michael Schumacher to Make Cars Green, and call upon Australian road users to think about the contribution they can make to do their bit in lowering vehicle emissions,” Mr Newland said.

“AAA supports this FIA program and also the recently ratified UN resolution calling for a Decade of Road Safety from 2011 to 2020, which aims to save some five million lives over this period.

“All motorists can contribute by simply observing and carrying out the actions outlined in the FIA 10-point plan.”

The plan is attached.

Michael Schumacher used the event to promote the FIA’s 10 Points for Greener Motoring.

“Climate change is a world problem and everyone can play a role in bringing down vehicle emissions,” Schumacher said.

“Simple actions such as checking tyre pressure, accelerating gently, only use air conditioning when necessary, don’t idle your engine for long periods – these are all activities that do make a difference.”


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