Safer Cars for All World Markets


The Executive Director ofAustralia’s peak motoring body today called on an international congress to ensure motorists world-wide know about the latest vehicle safety features when making their car purchases.


This required all manufacturers to commit to ensuring important safety features such as side airbags and Electronic Stability Control were in all new models across all world markets, Australian Automobile Association Executive Director,Lauchlan McIntosh, told the Washington conference.


Mr McIntosh, who is also Chair of the Australian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP), urged the automotive industry to provide information and education to the motoring public about safer vehicles that would save lives.


“New car buyers in Australia and around the world need more information on car safety,” Mr McIntosh said.


“New car buyers should know about – and demand – a full suite of airbags, including side and curtain airbags, as well as ABS and Electronic Stability Control.


“These are vital to saving lives.”


Mr McIntosh was speaking at the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles Conference – an international congress held every two years for world experts and the industry to look at vehicle safety.


The conference provides and examines the latest crash test and safety data undertaken by a number of agencies such as ANCAP – including the US NCAP, EuroNCAP and Japan NCAP.


“The crash test results allow consumers to make informed decisions on the benefits of safety features when buying new cars,” Mr McIntosh said.


He presented recent Australian research which showed that, while motorists were more aware of the benefits of safety features in their car, their knowledge of such safety features was still too low.


Mr McIntosh also said he was concerned that manufacturers were not committed to introducing important safety features into all models, irrespective of what country they were to be sold in.


It required concerted action to ensure the manufacturers did provide the safest car possible for all markets – not to despecify safety features in some markets.


Mr McIntosh urged the Conference and the automotive industry to work together internationally to inform new car buyers of the benefits of vehicle safety features to increase consumer knowledge and demand in the marketplace.

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