Roadside Patrols Showcase Their Service


Australia’s world-recognised roadside patrol services have demonstrated their skills at the first Australian Road Patrol Skills Showcase, conducted in Canberra by the Australian Automobile Association on April 9 and 10.

AAA motoring clubs – NRMA Motoring and Services, RACV, RACQ, RACWA and RACT – used the Showcase to highlight the skills of their roadside service officers, who receive more than 5 million calls for roadside assistance from members each year.                  

The roadside patrol officers compared their skills in a range of roadside situations including flat tyres, unlocking vehicles (with and without technology), battery condition and diagnosis and repairing engine faults.

Best Practice Awards at the 2008 Road Patrol Skills Showcase have gone to:

  • Best Practice in Customer Service – Josh Dobie, RACT
  • Best Practice in OH&S – Gerald Munchow, RACQ
  • Best Practice in Lockout procedures – Gerald Munchow, RACQ
  • Best Practice in Diagnostics – Frank Carabetta, RACWA
  • Best Practice in Technical Theory & Research – Jace Wild, NRMA
  • Best Practice in Battery – Ron Hoogkamer, RACV

AAA Executive Director, Mike Harris, said the Showcase provided the motoring clubs with an opportunity to exchange information on their roadside service patrols and to test the skills of their officers.

“The clubs’ roadside patrols are the “public face” – they are there day and night to help drivers and their families in need of help – and this Showcase acknowledges the outstanding contribution they make to Australian motoring,” Mr Harris said.

“These officers respond to millions of calls for help each year and drivers from around the world are aware of the world-class service offered to motorists in Australia – many of them with first-hand experience of that assistance.

“AAA intends to conduct the Skills Showcase each year to highlight the commitment and professionalism of these dedicated officers.

“Congratulations to all who organised and took part in the event.”


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