Roadside Patrol Officers Show Their Wares


Australian motoring's "white knights" – the motoring clubs' roadside patrol officers – have just completed a competition in the 2009 Australian Road Patrol Skills Showcase, with patrol officers from around the country winning a variety of awards.

The following officers have won Best Practice awards in a range of categories:

• Denis Brozinic (NRMA Motoring & Services) – Best Practice in Customer Service

• John Payne (RACWA) – Best Practice in Occupational Health & Safety

• Mark Brooks (RAASA) – Best Practice in Lockout Procedures

• Julian McGarry (RACT) – Best Practice in Diagnostics

• Neil Oxnam (RACV) – Best Practice in Technical Theory & Research

• Ian Provan (RACQ) – Best Practice in Battery Diagnosis


The Road Patrol Skills Showcase awards were presented last night following a series of written and practical challenges set over two days in Canberra.

These challenges included assessment in technical theory and practical tasks incorporating customer service role plays and Occupational Health and Safety aspects.  A research task also assessed the patrol officers' ability to quickly locate specific support information.

Patrols were required to complete six practical tasks – each to be completed within a 20-minute time frame. These include battery diagnosis, two different lockout procedures, a tyre change and two engine management diagnostic challenges.

Australian Automobile Association Executive Director, Mike Harris, welcomed the awards, saying the Showcase not only recognised Best Practice but allowed the road patrol crews the opportunity to come together to share information and to examine the differing road patrol vans and equipment used by each motoring club.

"This is a great promotion for anyone with a mechanical interest or who may be considering a career as a mechanic or in the automotive industry," Mr Harris said.

"Most motorists have, at some time or another, had need to call for roadside assistance and it is fitting that these often unsung heroes have the chance to show off their wares.

"The road patrols receive more than 5 million calls a year for help, with a "go" rate of 90 per cent of vehicles attended back on the road.

"These patrol crews are the public face of the motoring clubs and are always out there 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

"Congratulations to the officers and the motoring clubs, who provide these services to their more than 6.5 million members and their families."


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