Road Safety Policy Welcomed


The Australian Automobile Association has reacted positively to aspects of the Coalition’s Transport policy announced today.


Transport Minister, John Anderson, today released the Coalition’s Transport Policy, in which the Coalition has pledged to continue current road funding programs ($1.8 billion p.a.) and provide an additional $135 million for specific projects over the next four years. While this is less than AAA believes is needed, it is an important step in the right direction.


The Coalition has also provided specific support to the National Road Safety Strategy, which calls for a 40% reduction in fatalities by 2010.


AAA Executive Director, Lauchlan McIntosh, said he was particularly pleased with the Coalition’s commitment to mandate improvements in the safety standards of vehicles manufactured and sold in Australia.


"AAA and our constituent clubs believe improving the safety of vehicles can substantially reduce serious injury and fatalities. We have been involved in the ANCAP Crash Testing program for a number of years. We believe the adoption of consistent standards throughout the world based on the higher standards encouraged by NCAP testing will substantially improve the survival prospects of motor vehicle occupants", Mr. McIntosh said. "Mr. Anderson’s commitment to improve standards is therefore welcome.


"We would urge the Labor Party to outline their position on this important issue and on the future of the Black Spot program, which the Coalition has committed to continue with funding of $180 million over the next four years.


"We are also pleased that John Anderson has re-stated the Government’s commitment to the Fuel Tax Inquiry currently underway. As stated by Mr. Anderson, the inquiry is examining whether the current fuel tax regime is appropriate. AAA, together with our constituent clubs, has made a substantial submission to the inquiry, calling for fundamental change to the way fuel is taxed.

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