Road Deaths Second Biggest Global Killer


The Australian Automobile Association today welcomed the international call for G8 countries to support a global campaign to bring down the number of road deaths worldwide – some 1.2 million deaths a year.  


The call for greater involvement of the G8 nations to support a $300 million, 10-year Action Plan in developing countries was made inLondonby the Commission for Global Road Safety.  (See attached media release).


The Commission - which is chaired by former NATO Chief Lord Robertson of Port Ellen and incudes seven times Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher – released a major report highlighting the numbers of road deaths globally and calling for a United Nations Road Safety summit to co-ordinate an international approach to road trauma prevention.


The AAA’s Executive Director,Lauchlan McIntosh, welcomed the Commission’s report and said road deaths and trauma are a global responsibility.


“Road deaths do not discriminate – they occur around the world and impact upon families, communities and whole societies,” Mr McIntosh said.


“InAustralia, five people die every day and more than 60 are hospitalised with serious injury – that is a cost of $15 billion a year to the Australian economy – we need to take active steps to lower those levels of road trauma.


“Australia’s motoring organisations are involved in a wide range of road safety initiatives through the SaferRoads program and its philosophy of safer drivers in safer cars on safer roads.


“This philosophy is supported through programs such as Think Before You Drive (focussing on driver behaviour), the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (rating vehicles for safety) and the Australian Road Assessment Program (rating Australia’s roads for safety).


“Many of these Australian programs are undertaken in collaboration with governments, recognising the importance of road safety. 


“We hope this call by the Commission for Global Road Safety is taken up by the world’s most powerful countries – it is only by concerted global action that we can bring down this tragically high death rate of more than a million people a year.”

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