Retail Petrol Reform Welcome


The Executive Director of the Australian Automobile Association (AAA), Lauchlan McIntosh has congratulated the Minister for Industry, Tourism and Resources, the Hon Ian Macfarlane MP on his decision to proceed with retail petrol reform and with the introduction of an industry Oilcode.


AAA has been supportive of this type of reform in past submissions to Government and would like to see initiatives such as a national Terminal Gate Pricing regime put into place.


AAA supports the repeal of the Sites Act and the Franchise Act provided appropriate mechanisms and monitoring are in place to ensure efficiencies are realised and consumers benefit.


The Oilcode supported by the Trade Practices Act should provide protection for existing franchisees, commission agents and distributors and make the Franchise Act redundant.


Mr McIntosh said that “polling undertaken for the AAA showed that petrol prices and quality are important factors for most motorists when purchasing fuel with petrol prices being the most important element of motoring costs at the present time.”


“Encouraging competition in the retail petrol market is vital if we are to keep prices down for consumers and independent retailers have an important role to play.


“The AAA has actively participated in the debate on these important issues and looks forward to working with the Government on their implementation”, Mr McIntosh concluded.

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