Petrol Price Gouging in Regional Australia has Nothing to do with World Oil Prices


The Australian Automobile Association released graphs today showing that petrol prices in regional centres were not only impacted by world oil prices but newly established high domestic margins.


The Executive Director of the AAA,Lauchlan McIntoshsaid:


“While many commentators continue to argue that Australians have to bear the brunt of world price shocks, many regional centres and some capitals have continued to suffer higher prices from what is clearly higher domestic margins.


“Towns across Australia such as Goulburn (NSW), Mildura (Vic), Tailem Bend (SA) Townsville (Qld), Wubin (WA), have had little if any price falls in the last month. In Goulburn the price last week was virtually unchanged for four weeks at 1.38c/l while Sydney prices had fallen over that time on an average basis of 10c/l and up to 18c/l.


“Goulburn is a major NSW regional centre on the Hume Highway and the Melbourne Sydney rail corridor. There can be no excuse for high freight costs as in July and August the prices were in line with Sydney average prices.


“Similar new price margins have existed in other regional centres across Australia as well as Hobart and Darwin  for the last four weeks (see attached graphs).


“Why should motorists in these regional centres and some capital cities have to pay up to 15c/l more now and why have they had to pay such prices for the last four weeks?


“Politicians, commentators and the media need to look closely at what is happening in regional Australia with regard to price gouging under the guise of so called “international margins and prices” he said.

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