Petrol Industry Inquiry Must Result In Real Action Not More Talk


The national motorist organisation, the Australian Automobile Association (AAA), is encouraged the ACCC is turning its focus to examining the fuel industry but is concerned this investigation will do little to improve information for ordinary drivers needing to fill up their cars.

"There have been many enquiries into the petrol industry over the years but ordinary motorists have seen little benefit," AAA Executive Director Andrew McKellar said.

"History shows that motorists are right to be sceptical about the benefit of these investigations and I'd like to see real action come from this not just more talk," he said.

"Motorists deserve improved price transparency and a level playing field to access information so they can make informed decisions before filling up,"

"The ACCC must also examine areas that can have immediate results for motorists such as improving fuel price boards, standardising the information displayed and reducing confusion",

"There is a need for national regulations to be introduced forcing retailers to show motorists the real cost of fuel, not just the discounted price when using a coupon or other special conditions. The price of premium unleaded and diesel fuels must also be displayed at the roadside" Mr McKellar said.


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