Peak Motoring Body Welcomes Government’s Vehicle Emissions Commitment


Australia's peak motoring body welcomes the Federal Government’s announcement that it is establishing a Ministerial Forum to consider the various issues associated with the future regulation of Australian vehicle emissions.

“It is important that the Australian Government works closely with industry and consumer representatives to determine the appropriate contribution that vehicle emissions can make toward achieving Australia's greenhouse reduction and air quality targets,” AAA Chief Executive Michael Bradley said.

“Clearly, no sector or element of the national economy can or should be considered in isolation. It is also critical that the Government urgently undertakes a coordinated program of work that assesses the implications of the on-going Volkswagen scandal, which has already raised serious questions regarding the way in which vehicle emission information is provided to the Australian market and audited by regulators,” Mr Bradley said.

“The AAA looks forward to participating in these discussions; the outcomes of which will affect the sustainability and affordability of transport in Australia and the day to day activities of the 7.5 million Australians who are today members of the Association's clubs,” he said.


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