NRSC to Provide New Leadership on Road Safety


Australia’s peak motoring organisation, the Australian Automobile Association, today welcomed the announcement of a new National Road Safety Council (NRSC) to provide leadership and advice on road safety issues.

The Australian Transport Council today announced the appointment of seven leading safety experts to the NRSC and four Road Safety Ambassadors, with an immediate task to provide advice to the Federal and State Governments on the development of a new 10-year National Road Safety Strategy (NRSS).  Please refer attached ATC announcement.

The current NRSS, which expires in 2010, is tracking well short of the targets set in 2000.

AAA Chief Executive, Mike Harris, said the NRSC would provide leadership and expert advice in the development of the NRSS and a long-term vision for road safety improvements.

“We have seen the road fatality rate for 2009 increasing after a significant fall last year – we simply must bring that number down,” Mr Harris said.

“Governments and the community in this country must understand that this is an epidemic on a scale more disastrous than many major diseases.  Epidemics require the mobilisation of resources, and governments and the community must come to grips with the investment required and behavioural change necessary to deal with this epidemic.

“This epidemic costs the Australian economy more than $17 billion a year.

“The new NRSC must accept this challenge - we welcome the ATC’s announcement today and are particularly pleased to see AAA President, Freda Crucitti, on the Council representing the interest of Australia’s motoring clubs, their 6.5 million members and indeed all the motoring public.

“AAA and the clubs are well placed to assist the Council in its deliberations and development of the NRSS, and we look forward to engaging with members in the interests of road safety.”

Mr Harris also noted the forthcoming UN Global Road Safety summit to be held in Moscow later this month.  The AAA, through its international affiliation with the FIA, is urging the UN summit to adopt the FIA proposal to develop a 10-year road safety action plan, A Decade of Action for Road Safety.

“Road safety is one of the biggest killers in the world, with more than 1.3 million people dying each year from road traffic injuries - saving lives and injury needs the whole community to come together to discuss and develop workable solutions and road safety targets,” he said.




6 November, 2009

 ATC has today announced the appointment of seven top safety experts to the recently established National Road Safety Council. The Council’s immediate task will be to advise governments on the development of the next 10-year National Road Safety Strategy, a long term vision for road safety improvements.


The Council will be chaired by Mr Roger Cook AM, the current chair of the South Australian Motor Accident Commission.  The other members are:

  • Emeritus Professor MaryAnn Bin-Sallik – Former Dean, Indigenous Research and Education, Charles Darwin University
  • Ms Ann Bunnell – Chair, Australian Foundation of the Alliance for Healthy Cities
  • Ms Freda Crucitti – President, Australian Automobile Association
  • Mr Wayne Gardner AM – Former world motorcycle racing champion
  • Dr Soames Job – Director, NSW Centre for Road Safety, Roads and Traffic Authority
  • Professor Ian Johnston AM – Deputy Chairman, National Transport Commission


The ATC has also appointed four Road Safety Ambassadors:

  • Lindsay Fox – trucking operator;
  • David Wirrpanda – former AFL player;
  • Mel Doyle – co-host of the Sunrise program; and
  • Neil Mitchell – radio presenter.


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