New Vehicle Advertising Code in Force from Today


The Australian Automobile Association has welcomed the introduction of a new, more relevant Advertising Code of Practice for motor vehicle advertising which comes into force today. The new code effectively ensures advertisers can no longer show activities in vehicles that would breach road rules and regulations in Australia, no matter where the activity is depicted.

The Executive Director of the Australian Automobile Association, Lauchlan McIntosh, said that the new Advertising Code of Practice was a very welcome step that would end advertising that was contrary to basic road safety messages such as ‘speed kills’

“From today, Australia joins other countries such as the United Kingdom and New Zealand in taking a responsible approach to motor vehicle advertising,” Mr. McIntosh said.

“One of the major challenges for road safety practitioners is to reduce the crash rate among younger drivers, and in particular younger males who are over-represented in accident statistics. AAA has long held the view that depicting aggressive driving and speeding in advertising, which often targets younger drivers, compounds the problem and we’re please motor vehicle manufacturers and distributors have agreed to a more responsible approach from today.

“AAA has been looking at ways to tackle the problem of over-representation among younger drivers and recently conducted a series of workshops involving 15 to 30 year olds. It was clear from those workshops that peer pressure often pushes younger drivers to take risks while at the same time prevents their passengers from discouraging risk taking. 

“Participants in the workshops felt that road safety advertising should target passengers as well as drivers to educate passengers that it is alright to speak up and say no to aggressive driving and speeding. There was also general support for tougher licensing procedures including a longer and more demanding logbook process and graduated licensing that would restricted driving hours and conditions for new drivers.

“AAA welcomes the fact that this new Advertising Code of Practice has come into force before the Christmas holiday period, which is a particularly dangerous time on our roads,” Mr. McIntosh said.

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