New Fuel Standards Welcome


The Executive Director of the Australian Automobile Association (AAA), Lauchlan McIntosh has congratulated the Minister for Environment and Heritage, Senator Ian Campbell, on his decision to reduce sulphur levels in premium unleaded and diesel fuel.  Following on from the decision to reduce sulphur levels in regular unleaded petrol, this move is good for the environment and good for motorists.


Mr McIntosh said that “polling undertaken for the AAA showed that quality was an important factor for many motorists when purchasing fuel.” 


“An additional benefit for motorists is that these higher standards will remove an impediment to the access of advanced fuel systems and engines for passenger vehicles such as “lean burn” technology”, McIntosh said.


“Importantly, there is no reason for petrol prices to increase as a result of these new standards.  The subsidies provided to producers as part of this package will offset the costs of this change. 


“These subsides must now be passed on to motorists in full at the petrol pump and the AAA and the State and Territory Motoring Clubs will be monitoring prices to ensure producers do the right thing.


“The AAA has actively participated in the development of fuel standards through membership of Fuel Standards Consultative Committee (FSCC) and by providing detailed submissions throughout the consultation process, Mr McIntosh concluded.

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