New app to share and compare Australia’s worst commutes


Congestion costs the national economy $16.5 billion a year, and now with this app, commuters will be able to easily see the personal cost of that congestion, compare and share with friends, and vent to their politicians about it.

AAA spokesman Nick Tyrrell said the app will empower more Australians to make the personal cost of congestion and chronic infrastructure under-investment an issue at this federal election.

“Every Australian loses out from this job-killing drag on the economy.  From farmers whose trucks grind to a halt at the edge of our cities, to parents doing the child-care drop-offs, and to long-suffering public transport users on late and crowded carriages and buses.  It’s only getting worse, but our politicians have the power to fix it if we tell them we care about it,” Mr Tyrrell said.

“People know their commute is getting more expensive as fuel prices and public transport fares rise. They know they are spending longer in their car or on late or crowded public transport.  But many have no idea they spend on average 10 to 15 entire days every year getting to work and back.

“We’ve launched this app to help Australians understand the time they lose as a result of congested commutes, and understand what they could have done with the wasted time. People can then share and compare the results on social media, and even use the app to contact their local candidates once they’ve found out just how much time they waste commuting each year.”

The app has been launched by the Australian Automobile Association (AAA) in partnership with all Australian motoring clubs as part of the nation-wide Keep Australia Moving campaign, and is available at

Mr Tyrrell said beyond the massive inconvenience caused to Australians every day, congestion is a huge economic problem that is holding back the economy and the prospects of Australians.

“The mining boom is over and we need our political parties to guide Australia to a new more diversified economy that will create the jobs of the future. But it won’t be possible to build the economy of the future on the roads and rail of the past. The next Australian Government must have policies and investment plans that will improve our transport system.

“That’s why the AAA and all Australia’s car clubs are giving Australians a chance to be heard by candidates, and that’s why we’ve put forward proposals for better roads, public transport and other land transport.”

The AAA and its member clubs are calling for: 

  • The establishment of a transport infrastructure fund into which a guaranteed minimum of 50 per cent of net fuel excise will be paid, creating a pool to be invested in roads and other land transport infrastructure;
  • The establishment of an independent inquiry into future transport funding based on Infrastructure Australia’s recommendations for a public inquiry into transport market reform and how we transition in the long-term to a fairer, more transparent tax system for motorists;
  • Long-term funding commitments to critical national road safety programs including the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) and keys2drive; and
  • Funding commitments toward more than $90 billion worth of priority transport projects across all jurisdictions.

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