National Road Rules Show Australian Maturity


"The decision by Australian Governments to introduce national road rules from 1 December demonstrates a maturity in State and Federal relationships;" the Executive Director of the Australian Automobile Association, Lauchlan McIntosh said today.


Mr McIntosh said that the first policy item discussed by motoring clubs at their first national meeting 75 years ago was the need for national road rules. For decades parochialism and local issues had dominated the debate, but a sensible and intelligent process over the last few years had resulted in the recent decision.


Motorists were major tourists and travelled interstate on a regular bases. While they would have to make some local changes to their driving practices as a result of the new harmonised rules, the long term overall benefits will be for all motorists.


Mr McIntosh congratulated the National Road Transport Commission who had worked in conjunction with State and Territory transport agencies in a cooperative approach to the development of new rules. He said the motoring clubs of Australia would be assisting in ensuring all motorists were aware of the necessary changes in their local area.


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