National Peak Motoring Body Welcomes National Debate on Infrastructure


Australia's peak motoring body, the Australian Automobile Association (AAA), has welcomed the Federal Opposition’s commitment to establish a dedicated funding stream for transport infrastructure and its focus upon infrastructure spending ahead of next year’s election.

AAA Chief Executive Michael Bradley said: “A debate about how Australia prioritises and funds infrastructure investment has to be front and centre in next year’s election campaign.

“Worsening congestion and a lack of transport choice will continue to impair productivity for the nation and quality of life for the individual.

“The AAA welcomes the Opposition’s identification of the need to de-politicise the process through which projects are selected, approved and funded.

“And while the Federal Opposition’s identification of infrastructure projects is welcome, it is critically important that funding to projects already committed to is not jeopardised.

“Australian motorists pay tens of billions in tax each year and they will be looking to both sides of politics to articulate in the year ahead how they plan to ensure road-users receive a fair and transparent return on this contribution.

“The AAA has long held concerns about the transport infrastructure backlog that exists right across Australia and the fact that less than 50 cents in every dollar paid by motorists in fuel excise is finding its way back into transport funding.

“The establishment of a dedicated infrastructure fund would be an opportunity for Government to improve transparency surrounding transport taxes and how they are either directly reinvested or leveraged in a way that allows for innovative funding models to be explored for individual projects.”


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