Motorists to benefit from petrol price information sharing


Australia’s peak motoring body, the Australian Automobile Association (AAA) welcomes today’s agreement between the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC), Informed Sources, and petrol retailers, which will benefit consumers with significantly improved fuel price information.

AAA Chief Executive Michael Bradley said: “This looks to be an excellent outcome for road users who should finally now find themselves on a level playing field with the retailers when trying to choose when and where to fill up.

“Motoring club members consistently list the cost of fuel as their top motoring affordability concern and the AAA has long campaigned for greater transparency in the fuel market and also greater equity regarding the provision of fuel price information.

“This agreement will now see fuel companies and consumers have access to the same price information, at the same time, and the AAA commends the ACCC and the other parties for reaching today’s agreement.

“It is an agreement that deserves the support of all fuel retailers operating in the Australian market.

“As the leading advocate for Australia’s motoring clubs and their 7.5 million members, the AAA strongly supports activities that ensure consumers are protected against uncompetitive behavior within the fuel industry.” 

Under the agreement announced today, motorists and third parties will be able to access fuel price information previously only shared amongst fuel retailers, via the Informed Sources online platform.


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