Motorists Must Be Able to Choose Where They Have Their Vehicle Serviced and Repaired


The Australian Automobile Association (AAA) has urged the Federal Government to enact legislation to oblige vehicle manufacturers provide servicing and repair information to ensure that motorists have the right to choose where they have their vehicle serviced, maintained and repaired. 

AAA is the peak national organisation that represents eight clubs that are the peak motoring bodies in Australia’s states and territories, and which have a combined membership of almost seven million Australians.  

Andrew McKellar, Executive Director of AAA, stated, “It is clear that the affordability of motor vehicle servicing and repairs is outstripping the growth in average wages.  Therefore, there should be strong competition in the motor vehicle repair industry to ensure the consumer has ample choice in the aftermarket sector to ensure cost-effective servicing and repairs.” 

“Australian motorists should have the right to choose where they have their vehicle serviced, maintained and repaired.”

“To facilitate this, restrictions on availability of information and diagnostic tools, including the codes necessary to access and navigate vehicle computer systems should be removed.  Australian motorists should have aftermarket services supplied at a competitive standard and at competitive prices.”

Mr McKellar also explained that, “Legislative solutions should be pursued through the Competition and Consumer Act in order to ensure that there is strong competition in the vehicle repair and service market.

“The issue of Right to Repair encompasses an independent operator’s access to all relevant vehicle specifications and information, all relevant specialised tools and equipment and all relevant training related to vehicle information and tools and equipment to complete servicing and/or repairs to a satisfactory level.”

“It is clear that vehicle dealers do not have sufficient capacity to be able to service, repair and maintain all of the vehicles in the Australian fleet.  As a consequence, independent repairers are an essential provider of these services. If independent repairers cannot service the remainder of the passenger vehicle fleet due to their inability to access the necessary information and equipment from manufacturers, then this is likely to have a detrimental effect on motoring affordability and safety.”

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