Motorists Don't Want Toll Roads


57 per cent of motorists are strongly against building more toll roads, according to the latest Australian Automobile Association (AAA) results from a national survey it commissioned.

AAA Director of Research & Policy, John Metcalfe, said with funding for the Pacific Highway expected to be announced by the Federal Government today, further funding by tolls would clearly not be accepted by motorists.

“This is a real ‘hot button’ roads issue,” Mr Metcalfe said.

“And while there might be grudging acceptance of the reality of toll roads, it is very grudging indeed as the numbers in the survey reveal record disapproval levels.

“As a whole, disapproval of building more toll roads is at 70% — up 10% since 2005 and up 20% since 1999.

“The highest level of toll road opposition was found among low income earners, with 77% of those from households with an income under $40,000.

“All three toll road cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane) show significant disapproval rises.

“Disapproval of toll roads is hardly surprising given that motorists are already paying 38 cents per litre in fuel tax and a record proportion of motorists (93%) believe that more of this should be spent on roads, according to the research.”

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