Motorists Deserve A Better Deal From Budget


The Australian Automobile Association (AAA) has used its Pre-Budget Submission to call for an increased share of fuel excise to be directed to land transport funding or road safety will be undermined.

"It is deeply concerning that funding for roads and other land transport infrastructure is expected to be cut by more than $2.6 billion during 2012-13, a reduction of 38 per cent," AAA Executive Director Andrew McKellar said.

"There is a direct link between well targeted investment in transport infrastructure and reducing deaths and serious injuries on our roads,"

"Investment in roads was at a record level in 2011-12 and the government should be congratulated for that however, we now face a substantial drop in future spending," he said.

"Motorists pay 38.1 cents per litre in fuel excise but an average of only 10.9 cents per litre is returned by the Federal Government in the form of investment in roads – the bottom line is that motorists are being taken advantage of," he said.

"Over a four year period it is projected there will be a $36 billion shortfall between fuel tax revenue and investment in land transport,"

"The current situation isn't good enough and the AAA calls for an increased share of fuel excise to be directed to investment in road and other land transport infrastructure," Mr McKellar said.

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