Motorists already paying too much


The peak national motoring body, the Australian Automobile Association (AAA), has responded to the ACCC’s comments on road funding reform at a time when the Federal Government is proposing to increase taxes on motorists.

 “Every motorist in Australia knows the current approach to road funding is broken, with increasing congestion in the cities and unsafe highways in rural areas,” AAA Chief Executive Andrew McKellar said.

 “Motoring clubs want to see a better return to motorists, not another tax grab,” he said.

 Today’s comments by the ACCC, and the recommendations of the Productivity Commission’s recently released Public Infrastructure inquiry, point to the need to better link revenue raised from motorists with growing demand for investment in better transport infrastructure. 

 “We urge the Federal Government to re-think its proposed fuel excise legislation to deliver real reform of road and transport infrastructure funding,” Mr McKellar said.

 “It is unacceptable that the current Budget measure only directly links one cent of the 39 cents per litre that motorists pay in fuel excise back to road funding,” he said.

 “Motorists are already paying too much and are not getting a fair return for the taxes they pay,” Mr McKellar said.


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