Motoring Matters for Every Australian


Australia's peak motoring organisation, the Australian Automobile Association, today released its 2010 Federal Election Strategy with a call to all political parties to provide solutions which bring down the unacceptably high number of road crash fatalities and injuries each year.

AAA Chief Executive, Mike Harris, launched the AAA election policy – Motoring Matters for Every Australian – with a plea to build safer roads, educate and train young drivers and sell safer and more environmentally friendly vehicles.

Mr Harris said the fact that some 1500 people die every year – with a cost to the Australian economy of $18.75 billion a year (BTIRE, Feb 2010) – was a national tragedy and one which could be tackled.

"Deaths and serious injury are not tolerated in the workplace, yet we accept some 5 people dying and 80 people hospitalised every day without sufficient questioning and remedial action," he said.

"While our political leaders are debating the expenditure of millions and billions of dollars in their policy proposals, focussing on road safety could mean billions of dollars in savings as well. Motoring Matters for Every Australian lays out the policy challenges for governments and proposes a number of activities that will actively bring down the road toll and make roads safer for all road users. 

"Motorists already pay more than their fair share in road charges and taxes and they should not have to pay more than they do now – and what they do pay should be re-invested back into the transport network.

"For example, the next Federal Government should fund the Australian Road Assessment Program – AusRAP provides valuable information to decision makers on which roads require urgent safety improvements based on crash accident data and assessment of the actual road environment – all of which will help reduce road crashes and bring down the level of road trauma.

"The Federal Election Strategy addresses the key areas of importance for Australian motorists – namely Affordable Motoring, Safe Motoring and Sustainable Motoring, and recommends a range of pragmatic, achievable proposals in each section.  We encourage all candidates and political parties to take up the actions proposed in Motoring Matters for Every Australian."


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