Motoring Clubs Commit to Carbon Clean Up


Australia’s peak motoring organisation, the Australian Automobile Association, and constituent motoring clubs today committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as part of the climate change challenge.


Foreshadowing a national climate change policy, the AAA said the issue needed to be tackled by all sectors of Australian society. 


AAA and the motoring clubs – which represent 6.5 million members – have resolved to :

  • Assist and encourage motorists to reduce and offset their greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Ensure that, in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, mobility is sustained;
  • Minimise emissions generated by products and services provided to club members; and
  • Participate with governments and industry in developing policies and initiatives that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


AAA Executive Director, Mike Harris, said the commitment is comprehensive and addresses the role of motorists and the clubs as part of the climate change solution.


 “The climate change challenge requires all sectors of the community to play their part in reducing emissions,” Mr Harris said.


“AAA and the clubs has, for many years, played a leading role in promoting cleaner, less carbon intensive and more fuel efficient motoring through a range of initiatives,

Including vehicle testing and campaigns for legislative action for improved vehicle emission and fuel quality standards,” Mr Harris said.


“We intend to continue this lead role by taking a proactive and pragmatic approach towards climate change, one that makes a positive contribution to reversing the global warming trend while balancing motorists’ need for safe and affordable travel.


 “While private vehicle emissions represent a small percentage – 8 per cent – of all greenhouse gas emissions, there is a need for us to take action on behalf of our members, their families and all Australian road users.”


AAA and the Clubs support the introduction of a carbon trading scheme, as flagged by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.  The AAA approach will see motorists reducing their vehicle emissions through a market-based carbon trading scheme, rather than a government imposed tax regime. 


A comprehensive suite of initiatives is being developed to be progressively implemented during 2008 and beyond.

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