Making Motoring More Affordable


Australia’s peak motoring organisation, the Australian Automobile Association, has called on all political parties to make motoring more affordable for all road users.

The AAA and its constituent motoring clubs – NRMA Motoring and Services, RACV, RACQ, RAASA, RACWA, RACT and AANT – said there needs to be a review of motoring taxes and charges to provide a more equitable road charging system.

AAA Chief Executive, Mike Harris, said private motorists already pay more than their fair share in comparison to other road users, and not enough of what they pay in taxes is going back into the transport network.

“In comparison with other road users, private motorists cause less wear and tear on the road network, but pay more for the privilege of using it,” Mr Harris said when commenting on AAA’s election policy, Motoring Matters for Every Australian.

“For example, motorists pay 38.143 cents per litre in fuel excise alongside state charges such as registration and stamp duty – but they do not see anywhere near that level of income going back into the transport network.

“At current levels of expenditure, the Commonwealth invests less than one-third of the tax take back into roads and the network.

“On behalf of the motoring clubs’ 6.5 million members, their families and all road users, we are calling on the next Federal Government to reduce these costs, undertake formal price monitoring of all motoring fuels, remove unnecessary barriers such as the Luxury Car Tax and implement the recommendations of the Henry Review of Taxation in the area of road user charging.”

AAA’s Motoring Matters for Every Australian election policy – which also includes actions to make motoring safer and also sustainable – can be viewed at and follow the links.


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