Let's Get Serious About Road Safety


Australia's motoring clubs have made a united call to Australia's political leaders to get serious about road safety.  


"188 people are likely to die as a result of road crashes during the six week election campaign, 5 people every day, and the motoring clubs want to see a total new national systems approach to road safety", the Executive Director of the AAA, Mr Lauchlan McIntosh said today.


"The road toll is not just a statistic. It changes the lives of thousands of Australian families forever.


"Last weekend’s tragic events on our roads are likely to be repeated again and again unless we take a more holistic approach to road safety.  We need initiatives that ensure a combination of safer drivers in safer cars on safer roads. Just focusing on one of these areas is not enough.


"The Motoring Clubs, through the AAA strengthened its campaign last Sunday with advertisements in major newspapers in each State drawing voters’ attention to the fact that 5 people are killed every day and it was time for our national Government to take a greater role in reducing the deaths in our roads.


"At the start of this Election campaign AAA wrote to all major political parties seeking their responses to a series of road safety initiatives.  Unfortunately not one of the parties has formally responded to our request", Mr McIntosh concluded.

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