keys2drive - Free Sessions for Tasmanian Learner Drivers


Beginning drivers and their supervising drivers are invited to take part in the program by registering now on Beginning drivers can then book a free session with a keys2drive accredited professional driving instructor.

keys2drive has been developed by the Australian Automobile Association (AAA) and the motoring clubs around Australia, with Australian Government funding and the support of the driver training industry.

The purpose of the keys2drive program is to encourage beginning drivers to adopt aware, sustainable and healthy driving behaviour. keys2drive provides a different approach to learning to drive – a coaching method called 'find your own way' which over time will create a new culture of driver behaviour.

keys2drive fosters the relationship between the beginning driver and their supervisor under the guidance of a professional driving instructor, through a free session paid for by the Australian Government. This is supported by access to a website incorporating information, education and interactive learning games.

keys2drive also provides support to the parents or supervisors on how they can most effectively assist in the training of their beginning drivers.

The President of the Australian Driver Trainers Association (Tasmania), Helen Skeggs, said Tasmanian driving instructors strongly support the keys2drive program. "Driving instructors throughout Tasmania have been accredited as instructors under keys2drive and are committed to delivering the keys2drive program," said Ms Skeggs.

Ms Skeggs encouraged young people and their parents or supervisors to log on to the keys2drive website, and register for a keys2drive free session now.

For further information on the keys2drive program, visit

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