Government response to Harper Review increases consumer choice and competition


Australia’s peak body representing over seven million road users today welcomed the Australian Government’s response to the Competition Policy Review, known as the Harper Review.

Australian Automobile Association (AAA) Chief Executive Michael Bradley said that the package of economic reforms would provide increased choice and competition for Australian motorists.

“The AAA is particularly pleased that Government has committed to work with consumer groups to allow consumers to access and use their own vehicle data to improve choice in the marketplace,” Mr Bradley said.

“From a motorist’s perspective, communications and telematics technologies have progressed rapidly in recent years and there is a need to ensure that vehicle manufacturers are not able to restrict access to data or leave consumers worse off.

“The AAA believes that data captured and stored within a vehicle’s own electronic systems should be made available to the owner of that vehicle, or a third party nominated by the owner, such as their preferred vehicle repairer or roadside assistance provider.

“In terms of price signalling legislation, the AAA welcomes the Government’s support of the recommendation that Section 45 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 be extended to prohibit a person engaging in a concerted practice.

“This supports the AAA’s view that including the concept of concerted practices into the Act could improve competition in the retail fuel market.

“We are also pleased that the Government has supported a number of other recommendations including those related to cost-reflective road pricing and a review of the taxi industry.

“This is a considered response to the national competition framework which will provide more choice and competition across the AAA membership and strengthen the economy more broadly.”


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