Government and Industry Share Maps to Reduce Costs


An agreement between the Australian Surveying and Land Information Group (AUSLIG) and the Australian Automobile Association (AAA) to share mapping data will result in more comprehensive road maps for motorists and other map users.


Under the agreement, the AAA will supply AUSLIG with copies of its up to date road maps. AUSLIG will then use the information to update its series of map and data products.


The information supplied by AAA will indicate whether a road is single or dual carriageway, principal, secondary or minor roads and sealed or unsealed.


In return, AUSLIG will supply AAA with copies of revised map data products to be used in the maps they provide to motorists.


The data sharing arrangement will help ensure that maps produced by both organisations are consistent, accurate and up-to-date.


The agreement was signed in Canberra today by the General Manager of AUSLIG, Peter Holland, and the Executive Director of AAA, Lauchlan McIntosh.


"The AAA are tremendous supporters of the Commonwealth national mapping program," Mr Holland said.


"This partnership agreement ensures our NATMAP and GEODATA customers have access to authoritative and up to date information about the national road system. It also ensures the cost to the taxpayer of acquiring this information is minimised."


"Maps for members is a core business for our organisation," Mr McIntosh said. "The agreement will ensure we can keep the quality and currency of our mapping service."


The AAA is the Federal Secretariat of Australia's motoring organisations. It is the only national motoring body in Australia and represents eight motoring organisations with a combined membership of more than six million.


AUSLIG operates within the Department of Industry, Science and Tourism. It is the Government's primary source of advice on land information matters.

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