Fuel Price Board Overhaul Provides A Breakthrough For Motorists


The national motoring body, the Australian Automobile Association (AAA), has welcomed as a major step forward to empower motorists, an agreement to begin development of a national standard for fuel price boards.

"This is a significant breakthrough and should result in greater fuel price transparency for motorists," AAA Executive Director Andrew McKellar said.

A meeting of state and federal consumer affairs ministers in Adelaide has agreed to begin work on a national approach to fuel price board regulation.

"For too long, fuel retailers have been getting away with misleading or confusing drivers," he said.

"The motoring clubs have been campaigning for a long time to improve fuel price information and transparency so this agreement is a major step forward on the issue."

"We see too many examples of prices being displayed at the roadside that are only available if you meet certain criteria such as having a discount coupon, using a certain credit card or if you buy something in store," Mr McKellar said.

"Adding to the problem is the increased use of premium unleaded and diesel fuels which are often not displayed on the price board at all."

"The AAA supports the proposed way forward with an information standard to be developed under the Australian Consumer Law," he said.

"The motoring clubs are looking forward to working with the ACCC, the Federal Government and other stakeholders to ensure any new standard is fair and enables drivers to make informed decisions," he said.


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