FIA to Speak at Climate Change Summit


The Director General of the FIA Foundation for the Automobile and Society, David Ward, will speak at the Australian Automobile Association’s international Climate Change summit to be held in Canberra on Tuesday 3 June.

Mr Ward, who is also the Secretary of the Commission for Global Road Safety, will discuss the role of cars in society and the latest international policy settings to bring down vehicle emissions.

The Australian Automobile Association and constituent motoring organisations – the NRMA, RACV, RACQ, RAASA, RACWA, RACT and AANT – will conduct the summit as part of its climate change policy, On the Road to Greener Motoring.

AAA’s Director of Research and Policy, John Metcalfe, said the aim of the conference is to exchange information about cars’ contribution to greenhouse gas emissions and to examine ways of reducing private vehicle emissions.

 “Private vehicles account for less than 8 per cent of greenhouse emissions in Australia, and the AAA motoring clubs and their 6.5 million members are keen to play their part in reducing emissions,” Mr Metcalfe said.

“David Ward will tell us about the impact of the motor car in modern-day society, and will discuss the latest trends, particularly in Europe, about what measures are being taken to reduce vehicle emissions through sustainable mobility measures.

 “Research shows the vast majority of motorists are concerned about climate change and look to the motoring clubs for advice on how to reduce or offset their vehicle’s environmental impact.

On The Road To Greener Motoring will critically examine the role that cars play in our society and the environment, and set an agenda for future strategies and activities aimed at improving environmental outcomes.”

The AAA summit will be opened by the Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government, the Hon Anthony Albanese, MP.  Other speakers include Max Gillard, Head of Toyota’s Asia-Pacific Technical Centre, Terry Agnew, CEO Royal Automobile Club (WA) and Peter Bentley, President ITS Australia.


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