Federal Budget - Motorists demand a fair deal


The peak national motoring body, the Australian Automobile Association (AAA), says this Budget falls well short of what motorists want.

"Motoring clubs will fight for a better deal for motorists and seek a guaranteed and stronger share of tax revenue directed to infrastructure," AAA Chief Executive Andrew McKellar said.

"Motorists expected a fairer deal from this Budget, they are sick and tired of paying taxes and not seeing a fair return on their investment," he said.

"While there is a significant investment in roads and infrastructure in this Budget, and the government has opened the door to having a direct link between motoring taxes and road funding, it falls well short of what motorists want," Mr McKellar said.

"It is totally inadequate at that out of the 38 cents per litre that motorists currently pay in tax the Government has only committed that one cent will be guaranteed to go to future road funding," he said.

"Motorists already pay a significant amount of tax and have not been getting fair value for their money," he said.

"Only a fraction of fuel excise is invested on transport infrastructure by the Federal Government and this Budget provides an opportunity to get a better deal through a fairer direct link," he said.

"Motorists want a guaranteed share of fuel excise returned to transport funding in order to stop the Budget 'drip-feed' of investment," Mr McKellar said.

"A fair proportion of the fuel tax revenue must be dedicated to transport infrastructure to ensure Australia can ease worsening congestion in our cities and improve the safety of our rural highways," he said.


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