Fair infrastructure funding for the future – AAA budget submission


The Australian Automobile Association (AAA) today called for half of all fuel excise to be invested directly in transport infrastructure; an inquiry into future transport funding as recommended by Infrastructure Australia; and for $20 million to be allocated to the continuation of the keys2drive training program as part of its pre-budget submission.

AAA Chief Executive Michael Bradley said: “Infrastructure Australia’s 15 year Infrastructure Plan released this week finds that between 2011 and 2031, the population of our cities is projected to increase by almost seven million. It also states that without action, the cost of congestion across our biggest cities is projected to increase from $13.7 billion in 2011 to $53.3 billion in 2031.

“Motorists know just how serious the problem already is and they know Australia isn’t getting the infrastructure our economy desperately needs. Australian motorists pay close to $28 billion in taxes and charges every year, however the allocation of funding into road, and public transport infrastructure needed across Australia remains ad hoc, unfair, and lacking in transparency.

“The AAA is again asking the Government to fund a public inquiry into infrastructure funding and road user pricing and we are pleased that Infrastructure Australia agrees this should be a priority.”

 In its pre-budget submission the AAA:

  • Seeks $20 million over 4 years to continue the keys2drive program which since 2009 has delivered more than 400,000 free driving lessons to Australian learner drivers and their instructors (usually a parent or guardian).
  • Seeks $600,000 over 4 years so that for the first time we can gain a clearer picture of the actual number of road crash injuries using data from the Australian Trauma Registry.
  • Identifies a list of key land transport infrastructure projects for each State and Territory. Combined, these projects entail a total investment of more than $92 billion.

“The AAA looks forward to the Government giving favourable consideration to the needs of our members,” Mr Bradley said.  “Bearing in mind the fiscal challenges the Government faces and the need to ensure we have the infrastructure needed for the 21st century, what we seek on behalf of our members in this budget is affordable, reasonable and above all, in the national interest.”


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