Drivers Deserve Better Fuel Price Information


The national motoring body, the Australian Automobile Association (AAA), is supporting the development of a national standard for fuel price boards to end confusion and improve transparency for motorists.


“Drivers continue to be misled or confused by price boards that don’t clearly identify the price they will pay for fuel,” AAA Executive Director Andrew McKellar said.


The AAA has made a submission to Consumer Affairs Australia and New Zealand, supporting the development and implementation of a national Information Standard under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010


“Drivers deserve consistency in fuel advertising on price boards so they can determine the best deal for them,” he said.


“The AAA supports the development of a standard that would continue to allow discount fuel offers to be made but there needs to be greater transparency in these offers, not just an advertisement for cheap fuel”.


“Fuel price boards should show the undiscounted prices but could also show the amount of the discount although if this is the case, it should also be clear if this is subject to any special terms and conditions,” Mr McKellar said.


“There should be prices listed for the most popular fuel types like E10 or regular unleaded fuel, premium unleaded, diesel and LPG,” he said.


“There is no reason to delay the development and implementation of a national standard until after the federal election,” he said.



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