Check Your Car's Fuel Options


Australia's peak motoring group, the Australian Automobile Association, has reminded motorists to ensure they use the correct fuel for their vehicle, following the release of E85 ethanol-based fuel developed specifically for the soon-to-be-released VE Series II Commodore flex-fuel vehicle.

Caltex announced yesterday it would be selling the new Bio E-Flex E85 blended fuel at selected Adelaide outlets in preparation for the release of the new Commodore model.

The Bio E-Flex fuel – a blend of 85 per cent ethanol and 15 per cent petrol – is the product of a partnership agreement between Caltex and GM Holden, as manufacturers look to develop more environmentally-friendly vehicles.

It will be available at the pump for a price some 20 cents per litre less than unleaded petrol at Caltex sites as it is rolled out across the country.

AAA Technical Services Director, Craig Newland, said that, while it was pleasing to see manufacturers and fuel companies working together to develop more sustainable cars and fuels, motorists should ensure they were putting the right fuel in their own vehicle.

"This new fuel will allow motorists who buy the Commodore flex-fuel model to reduce their environmental impact at an affordable price – but it is only suitable for vehicles specifically designed to operate with this fuel and should not be used in other vehicles," Mr Newland said.

"It is pleasing to see the automotive industry taking up the challenge to produce more environmentally sustainable cars and working with the fuel industry to get the right blend to power these vehicles.

"But it is important motorists are aware of the difference between the new fuel and other fuels they may have used – irrespective of the price – and what damage it may do to their more traditional engines.

"We urge Caltex and Holden to make sure the new fuel is clearly identified and that motorists are fully informed of different fuels coming on to the market and which vehicles they are compatible with."

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