Carbon Pricing Package Media Release


The Australian Automobile Association (AAA), representing eight constituent clubs with a combined total of almost seven million members, says that the Federal Government's Carbon Pricing Package released today got it right in placing no extra financial burdens on Australian motorists, who already pay more than their fair share of tax.

Greg Goodman, Acting Executive Director of AAA, stated, "We lobbied for this result and are glad that the Government has followed through with its announcement last Sunday that petrol for light passenger vehicles will be excluded from a carbon price. Today, it has been clarified that all fuels for light passenger vehicles will be exempt, and this is a good result for motorists."

AAA congratulates the Government on its efforts to reduce carbon emissions from the transport sector as a whole. With the tougher carbon emission standards for new motor vehicles manufactured in Australia announced before the last election, as well as other key measures, motorists will be playing their part to combat climate change. All new vehicles manufactured from 2015 will be required to reduce emissions which will introduce better technologies to the industry. The Green Vehicle Guide and Fuel Consumption Label are also important reform initiatives.

The package released today wisely detailed that alternative fuels for all transport sectors would be exempt from a carbon price. However, AAA questions the environmental logic of rail and buses being subject to a carbon price. Rail and bus transport alleviates pressure on roads, enhances mobility and should be excluded from the carbon price.