Budget Tackling Congestion and Safety


The Australian Automobile Association tonight endorsed the Rudd Government’s commitment to tackling urban congestion, and bringing forward funds for planning of major road and rail projects.

AAA also strongly supports the Federal Government initiative to fund an innovative driver safety program.

AAA’s Director of Research & Policy, John Metcalfe, said the Budget honoured all Labor’s election commitments in transport and road infrastructure, as well as initiating a new driver training program, keys2drive for novice drivers.

“The great thing about this Budget is that money will flow immediately in this financial year so the states can undertake a number of studies into specific projects which have the capacity to improve the sustainability and environment of our cities,” Mr Metcalfe said.

“In terms of overall road funding, we appreciate the Government’s commitment that it will meet all its election commitments.”

“The significant funding for the Building Australia Fund and Infrastructure Australia will also ensure significant improvements in moving people and freight efficiently around Australia.”

“Alongside this fast-tracking of funds for planning, we congratulate the Government for adopting and funding the AAA motoring clubs new driver training program, keys2drive, to the tune of $17 million over five years.

“The Government has taken this initiative with the AAA and its automobile clubs in a bid to improve driver training for young drivers who are over represented in fatalities on our roads.

“We are disappointed that there was no increase in Black Spot funding to fix dangerous sections of road.”


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